Name Katy Ann Boyd
Home Town Olivia
Date of Birth 1983-03-15
Height 5'2"
Weight 112
Bust 32D
Waist 25
Hips 32


What celebrity would you most like to have for the night?
I'd like to hang out with Rob Dyrdek. Not for any other reason than I think we'd have a lot of fun.
He's crazy.

Have you ever had a sexy nickname? How did you get it?
Katy Booty- because I had a bubble butt. There's even a shot named after it in Fayetteville NC... I was a bartender HA!

Best pick up line ever used on you?
"I lost my keys can you drive me home" his keys were clearly visible in his hand.
Probably not the best but it was funny.

Where was the most erotic or unusual place you have had sex?
A lady never tells.

If you had one wish, other than wishing for money, what would it be?
I would wish that everyone I loved lived a healthy, happy life.

If you entered a beauty pagent what would your talent be?
Dancing I'm sure. I'm a choreographer.