Name Dana Livingston
Home Town Schenectady
Date of Birth 1983-07-08

Height 5'3''
Weight 115
Bust 34C
Waist 26
Hips 35

What celebrity would you most like to have for the night?
Kim Kardashian ...what a night that would be! Wow.

Have you ever had a sexy nickname? How did you get it?
My ex used to call me Mami all the time... Ayyeee Mamiiii ;]

Best pick up line ever used on you?
What has 142 teeth and holds back the incredible hulk? My zipper. Yeahhhh that didn't work so well ;]

Where was the most erotic or unusual place you have had sex?
In a police car! I have a thing for men in uniform.. and handcuffs ;]

If you had one wish, other than wishing for money, what would it be?
To stay this sexy for the rest of my life!

If you entered a beauty pagent what would your talent be?
Pole dancing ;]