Name Amanda Marie Scott
Home Town Saint Petersburg
Date of Birth 1985-09-21

Height 5'5
Weight 120
Bust 34E
Waist 26
Hips 36

Facebook: and

What celebrity would you most like to have for the night?
Jared Leto... hands down...

Have you ever had a sexy nickname? How did you get it?
"Hips"... I am extremely double jointed and my hips pop out when I'm dancing... I'm guessing it's quite a turn on and people love to feel it! Lol

Best pick up line ever used on you?
"If I were the last man on earth, would you go out with me"... extremely cheesy... didn't work! Lol

Where was the most erotic or unusual place you have had sex?
Either on a playground slide or on a golf course... both were hot! (Wink)

If you had one wish, other than wishing for money, what would it be?
I wish I had the ability to help everyone in need...

If you entered a beauty pagent what would your talent be?
Singing or playing guitar... how about both? Lol