Name Larissa Bartolo,
Home Town Parklea Sydney, AUS
Date of Birth 1989-08-31

Height 161cm
Weight 49kg
Bust 10D
Waist 65cm
Hips 86cm

What celebrity would you most like to have for the night?
Thats an easy one, KENDRA WILKINSON for sure !

Have you ever had a sexy nickname? How did you get it?
Its not a very sexy one, although I was called TITS ON A STICK at school. I think its self explanitory, but ill give you a little insight. Tiny frame, Tiny girl, 10D boobs... Lucky I filled out eventually

Best pick up line ever used on you?
Haha.. clubbing in Sydneys hot spots definetly increases my answers for this question.But I have to say one that was pretty funny was last year begining of Decemberguy comes up to me and says"Can I have a photo of you miss?"and shocked i said " why?" He replied " So I can send it to Santa ,so Santa knows what to get me for Christmas" Haha all i could do was laugh.
Although he must of been a naughty boy that year cause he definetly did notget what he wished for.

Where was the most erotic or unusual place you have had sex?
I haven't... Im still a virgin :P

If you had one wish, other than wishing for money, what would it be?
Never Ending Wishes!!

If you entered a beauty pagent what would your talent be?
Gymnastics ! I used to be fairly flexible, probably not so much anymore. But I'd give it a go.