Name Deborah Joelle Benitez
Home Town Greenwood, IN
Date of Birth 1986-01-14

Height 5'5
Weight 135
Bust 36 D
Waist 30
Hips 33

What celebrity would you most like to have for the night?
Channing Tatum

Have you ever had a sexy nickname? How did you get it?
Haha my nickname is Dirty D. I am always talking sexually and I am very blunt about everything. I was talking about a girl's butt one night at a friend's house and he looked at me and said, "Damn Deborah, you talk so dirty! But that's ok Dirty D." I've been called that ever since.

Best pick up line ever used on you?
"Hey, did I see you at the pool today, because I could of sworn there was this sexy ass girl there who looked just like you!" Hahaha good one!

Where was the most erotic or unusual place you have had sex?
The most unusual place I have had sex was on the side of the highway on the back of the trunk. All the cars where going so fast nobody stopped. So I thought, oh what the hell why not?

If you had one wish, other than wishing for money, what would it be?
If I had one wish my wish would be to have all the wishes in the world. Why stick to one thing when you can have all of it?

If you entered a beauty pagent what would your talent be?
Good question because I don't know at all. I'm good at sports but not one in particular thing.